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“BatchMaster ERP software for pharmaceuticals helps manufacturers streamline their entire operations and take a proactive informed decision to outlast the competition.”

Healthcare reforms, growing market requirements, and stringent regulatory pressures are challenging the Pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Patients and regulators are demanding a superior quality of care with reduced costs while ensuring improved transparency. To meet these complex business issues, it is growing imperative for the pharmaceutical arena to take a proactive step towards compliance and product safety while acknowledging to the market demand, using a pharma ERP solution. It is practically impossible for the pharma manufacturers to run their operations without ERP software for the pharma industry.

BatchMaster ERP for Pharmaceuticals is one out-of-the-box and complete pharma ERP software India, as well as the world’s pharmaceutical businesses, can ask for in the present days. Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical sector, this pharmaceutical manufacturing software also helps manufacturers comply with cGMP requirements and provide a simple and cost-efficient process model. Being an ERP for the pharmaceutical industry, it understands formulation management requirements and integrates with your operations to provide real-time information. This way, BatchMaster ERP software for pharmaceuticals helps manufacturers streamline their entire operations and take a proactive, informed decision to outlast the competition.

BatchMaster Software offers an industry-specific ERP solution that helps pharmaceutical organizations streamline their operations and bring products to market quicker and more efficiently while complying with ever more stringent administrative mandates. Whether you private-label, co-pack or produce your line of over the counter medicines, brand prescription or generic drugs, BatchMaster ERP for Pharmaceuticals promotes your unique manufacturing requirements in product development, production, character, costing, and compliance, while supporting all of the sales, accounting, warehousing, and shipping needs.

Overcome Industry Difficulties

Whether pharmaceutical manufacturers are massively investing in pre-clinical development and clinical trials or providing the generic drug and OTC medicines, these businesses are looking to streamline and optimize the various financial and manufacturing methods run at their plants or their contract manufacturing plants to manufacture superior products more efficiently. This enables manufacturers to increase sales volumes to their customer base of healthcare professionals, physicians, commercial stores, and pharmacies.

From a financial and liability perspective, there are pharmaceutical companies that are organized into various divisions or business entities, ranging from sales to manufacturer to distributor to marketing, where manufacturing and distribution may be managed by one or more outside contract manufacturers. Each business partner wants to manage their own process requirements (e.g., product development, production) and wants the means to easily transfer ownership of products and share data amongst partners.

Here are some of the problem that was faced and overcome by pharmaceutical customers employing BatchMaster ERP:

Maintaining a complete set of Master Batch and Batch Manufacturing Records: Growing pharmaceutical manufacturers who rely on paper-based and people-intensive processes to document every step in their production processes are finding it ever-increasing challenging to comply with ever more stringent FDA regulatory mandates, especially in terms of managing Master Batch and Batch Manufacturing records. These manufacturers are looking for an electronic method to efficiently document and associate formulas, production jobs, procedures, processes, transactions, and journals in a way that is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations.

Ensure Product Efficacy: Formulas sometimes challenge product developers for tablets, capsules, powder, and liquid blends that contain one or more active ingredients with varying potency levels. They are looking for help in quickly and easily adjusting formulas to reduce costs while maintaining their effectiveness.

Ensure Product Quality: Pharmaceutical manufacturers want preventative controls to quickly and effectively test products and ensure optimal equipment settings. It also has the means to quickly investigate and determine the impact of all encountered quality issues and then adjust existing settings and procedures.

Ensure Product ePedigree: Lot traceability is of significant concern due to the impact of these products on the lives of the public. The creation and assignment of lot number at the time of receiving and production is one challenge faced, so automating these processes is critical. When performing a product recall, the ability to quickly track and trace suspect products from suppliers to customers, from customers to suppliers or anywhere within production in minutes, is necessary.

Optimize Production Scheduling: Demand planning and production scheduling of various stages, such as mixing, encapsulating, compressing, polishing, and packaging, are critical, whether manufacturing makes to stock or make to order. Companies that make their gel encapsulations or outsource their production need to effectively calculate the weight requirements, then schedule their production with the liquid blends that will fill them.

Increase Margins and Profitability: To increase the bottom line, pharmaceutical companies need to analyze they are expected vs. actual costs from conception thru production to customer shipments.

Managers want better visibility to raw material costs, based upon last purchased, standard, and projected prices, and accurately capture and track the static, scalable, and tiered costs associated with labor, energy, and other resources. Besides, purchasing wants to negotiate better terms for those raw materials for which demand planning has determined a consolidated demand. And to increase the top line, sales recognize that they can retain existing customers and gain new ones with demonstrated predictability, scalability, and compliance across their company’s operations.

Recognizing the Benefits being Offered

BatchMaster ERP for Pharmaceuticals enable companies to recognize greater profit margins, gain greater market share and improve their bottom line.

Rapidly Develop New Products: Your team of product developers will have the tools to quickly launch new brands, generics and OTC medications to the marketplace, as well as develop line extensions of your existing portfolio. Advanced programming reduces your time spent on tedious, error-prone manual calculations in designing, updating and approving products that meet your targeted physical and financial characteristics.

Better Inventory Control: You can gain control over the storage and movement of narcotics and other high security products in restricted areas within your plants. Accurate, granular demand planning and production scheduling optimizes your procurement and production of raw materials and finished goods, respectively, which will give you better control over inventory balances and space utilization within your plants.

Quickly Scale Up Production: Automation of your batch and continuous flow production processes reduces the need for manual intervention. Dynamic recipe adjustments, gel cap optimization, auto sizing and scheduling of batch job all work together to streamline production, while reducing the delays, risks and costs of operational downtimes. The establishment of a comprehensive, online quality program allows you to improve current processes, keep production line equipment settings at their optimal settings and ensure your manufacturing processes can meet the increased in demand.

Improve Product Quality: Ensure your corporate standards are being met in terms of your finished good sizes, shapes, colors, and thicknesses, as well as container rows, cavities and other packaging properties. Continuously monitor your inbound deliveries, product lines and outbound shipments to ensure continuous flow of quality products to your customers. With an established comprehensive quality program you will reduce the cost of chargebacks and returns.

Avoid Customer and Industry Fines and Penalties: Keep compliant with FDA-21 CFR, USDA, HACCP and other federal regulation. Bi-directional lot tracing enables you to zero in on suspect products in minutes – minimizing the scope of any possible recall. You can now establish effective mock recall programs with your suppliers and customers to ensure product ePedigree across the supply chain. And with a thorough and easily accessible audit trail of key business transactions, you will be in compliance with your auditors’ record-keeping requirements.

Increase Sales and Reduce Overall Costs: Leverage BatchMaster ERP’s quality, traceability and compliance capabilities not only to retain your valuable customers, but to gain new ones. All this while reducing your costs, first during product development and continuing to realize savings by utilizing demand planning and production scheduling to optimize your manufacturing process. And by electronically maintaining Master Batch and Batch Manufacturing records, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with paper document printing, storage and retrieval.

Improve Management Reporting and Analysis: Customizable role-based screens provide you with accurate, real-time visibility to those key metrics that will help you to make better informed decisions, faster, and maintain your competitive edge.

Sahib Dudani, President and CEO at BatchMaster Software has been serving the process manufacturing industry (organizations dealing with formula/recipe based products) with ERP systems for more than 25 years. A staff of more than 200 professionals, around half of them in Research and Development, is a resource undoubtedly in the mid-market. Experienced industry practitioners from various process sectors bring a cross-fertilization of ideas and the ability to find ways to serve our customers manage better regulatory changes and new methods of doing business. they have become the industry knowledge leader through experience gained from each installation and each customer. They know how to deliver cost-effective, reliable ERP solutions that meet the complex needs of mid-market enterprises. BatchMaster primarily serves the food & beverage, cosmetics & personal care, nutraceutical & supplements, chemical, paints & coatings, life science & pharmaceutical sectors. BatchMaster software has over 2,000 manufacturering customers in 35 countries across the globe.