Providing Time to Care

George Dassios
George Dassios, VP

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“Guldmann Inc. is committed to providing this group a multitude of tools that focus on tangible results leading to clear cut measurable patient outcomes.”

In a market as dynamic and complex as health care, finding solutions to the many challenges is a top priority. Guldmann Inc. believes in making health care sustainable by bringing technology to the market that allows our customers to deliver the best patient outcome per dollar spent. Their solutions enable customers to accomplish this through constant improvement in operational efficiencies, better patient outcomes and reduced hospital stay. It is with this in mind and their corporate mission to provide, Time to Care that serves as a catalyst for the R&D team to innovate breakthrough technologies.

Today, most large acute care facilities prioritize their resources towards higher profile areas within their organization that provides them with the opportunity to promote their hospital’s standing. This remains an on-going challenge for many of our customers. Guldmann Inc. is committed to providing this group a multitude of tools that focus on tangible results leading to clear-cut measurable patient outcomes. This approach helps establish a clear ROI for the SPHM Coordinators and their team to bring to their respective C-suites that ultimately control the allocation of resources.

It all began in 1980, with founder Viggo Guldmann, and 39 years later, his two sons, Carsten and Jorgen, now leading a global manufacturing, sales and service industry with offices all over the world. In 2020 they are celebrating an incredible milestone of being in operation for 40 years.

Their SPHM solutions provide a broad spectrum of clinical tools for aiding a multitude of patient profiles, from the mildly impaired patient to the most vulnerable and medically incapacitated. The care tasks focus on the 3 T’s; the treatment, training, and transferring of this dependent population. In addition to these principles, Guldmann has expanded its tools to provide the earliest possible therapeutic intervention, while still in the bed and in the supine position, as well, at the latter stages of therapy, with the use of dynamic gate training technology. It is with this in mind that Guldmann continues to invest in providing solutions that address both today’s clinical needs as well as tomorrow’s evolving practices.

Guldmann recently brought to market a new SPHM technology that promises to disrupt all other traditional tools. The GH3+ Trainer Module is an advanced enhancement to their flagship GH3+ modular-based ceiling lift. It provides hands-free dynamic weight relief technology that will no doubt result in a paradigm shift in practice, specifically with regards to early mobility training, for physically challenged patients. It adds yet another option to the many application possibilities that the current Guldmann GH3+ ceiling hoist provides. This unique, cutting edge and cost-effective solution is a testimony to Guldmann’ s mission of continuously re-investing in ways to provide Time to Care for the healthcare community it so proudly serves. They look forward to integrating this very cost-effective solution across the various departments of a healthcare facility, from a specialized space like rehab, all the way to a broader application such as general bedside training.

An Interprofessional Injury Prevention Committee’s broad goal of improving nurses’ work environment at an urban academic medical center was experiencing 78% of all lost-time claims in nursing roles; loss of experienced knowledge worker from recruitment & retention efforts; decreasing staff satisfaction. After the implementation of Guldmann ceiling lift technology, plus repositioning and transfer slings—nursing lost time claims decreased 44%; acquired skin pressure injuries decreased 31%; and improved RN staff satisfaction in the domain of adequate assistance available.

Guldmann’s approach in every customer interaction is to provide solutions rather than simply sell widgets. It is with this mindset that they are able to help support what is arguably the most important resource of all, to any stakeholder, being time.