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Scott Lamerand
Scott Lamerand, CEO

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“Vista Apex is a partner in supporting the growth of dental practices during these challenging times.”

2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic presented an industry challenge as dental practices shut down. Vista Apex addressed these issues by supporting customers with online learning opportunities and quickly bringing PPE products to market. While dental practices have followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols for decades, there are always new and more innovative ways to keep cross-contamination away. Vista Apex wants to keep dentistry out of the picture as a vector for COVID-19. Vista Apex has developed ViraShield, a device designed to act as a barrier between dental staff and patients, helping prevent the spread of infectious diseases, alongside PeroxiBright, a pre- & post-treatment conditioner. “We are an innovative company designing new products and methods to help protect dental team members and patients,” says Scott Lamerand, CEO of Vista Apex. “Vista Apex is a partner in supporting the growth of dental practices during these challenging times.”

Founded in 1997, Vista Dental designs, manufactures, packages, and distributes a broad portfolio of value-based items, many of which offer clinical advantages that result in better patient care.

Vista Dental invests in R&D and establishes itself as a market leader in Endodontic Solutions. Their Product Development team has over a century of combined biomedical, chemical engineering, and Dental Industry experience. Their mission is working with and innovating for Clinicians to achieve better patient outcomes. PinkWave is just one example of Vista Apex’s dedication to innovation. This paradigm shift in composite curing reinforces our commitment to improving the standard of care.

A multi-channel distribution strategy makes Vista Apex products accessible to all dental professionals. Vista Apex aims to fill its innovation pipeline and generate demand and scale of innovative products from the Apex Dental Materials acquisition through the use of their KOL network and enhanced marketing strategy. Allowing for healthier margins for dealers and customers while also allowing for more contributions toward future innovation. “We have a high appreciation for our distributor partners and could not do what we do without them.”

Vista Apex offers R&D solutions that are driven by efficiency, efficacy, and evidence-based quality. Vista Apex continuously pushes the envelope, develops innovation, and invests in independent research to support its products. Innovation is embedded in the heart of our objectives. As we orient our resources and organization accordingly, we promise to deliver innovative products that will help customers achieve better patient outcomes,” says Scott.

Vista Apex’s PinkWave™ is the next generation of curing lights, equipped with patented QuadWave™ Technology that decreases composite shrinkage by up to 37%, simultaneously increasing hardness by up to 23%. QuadWave™ technology leverages four different wavelengths to elevate performance: UV, Blue, Red, and Near-infrared (NIR), making PinkWave™ the first of its kind. PinkWave™ dominates the competition with features like its curing area, the largest on the market at 113m2. For clinicians, this allows full curing of any size restoration in a single curing cycle.

“Pinkwave from Vista Apex makes doing dentistry more fun and productive. It is rare to have a dentistry product that disrupts a technology that has been stagnant for over a decade and is incredibly affordable. Pinkwave improves curing across the entire spectrum of which I use to evaluate new dental products, clinical quality, patient experience, productivity, and team health,” says Dr. Bryan Laskin.

Vista Apex plans to expand its line of Endodontic and Restorative-based materials by introducing several proprietary solutions. REGEN, Vista Apex’s line of regenerative restorative materials that, through the inclusion of Bioglass, promotes healing and inhibits secondary decay. Vista Apex plans to expand its global reach through partnerships with distributors and Key Opinion Leaders in strategic geographies.