Leaders in Pharmacy Benefit Management

Rosalyn Banks
Rosalyn Banks, Director of Operations


VativoRX LogoQuote: We strive to challenge the status quo by being creative in our approach to resolving challenges such as cost, transparency, and customization.

Today, one does not have to be a Fortune 500 company to enjoy the advantages of a dedicated pharmacy benefits management program. Florida-based VativoRx serves middle-market companies, Third Party Administrators, Hospice Organizations, small and large employer groups, government, and HMOs with pharmacy benefits management custom-designed to address the unique needs and goals of each organization and its members. More than a benefits processor, VativoRx designs and manages prescription benefit programs that provide cost savings to an organization and members on formulary and non-formulary drugs that accommodate patients with advanced formulary and distribution options that deliver services through technologically superior systems. “Our promise: a blend of fiduciary responsibility and sensitivity to your members’ comfort and concerns for a powerful influence on your drug prescription program,” Lisa Quarterman, CEO & Managing Partner of VativoRx translates to ‘Innovative Company.’ “We strive to challenge the status quo by being creative in our approach to resolving challenges such as cost, transparency, and customization. For example, we’ve recognized that specialty pharmacy has started to make a huge impact on the overall cost of prescription medications and that makes us quite influential.

VativoRx uses its proprietary software applications to develop unique solutions for each of its customers. They have an intense implementation process to identify their client’s current pain points, needs, and overall goals. Together, they create a custom plan to help drive success in all aspects of their pharmacy benefits program. . VativoRx is a comprehensive prescription drug solution, an expert balance between cost-efficiency and sensitivity to your members’ care and comfort. Beyond providing access to drugs at a discount, VativoRx delivers an extensive clinical program that supports the management of prescription benefit with a wide range of proactive and innovative solutions, engaging everyone in the healthcare continuum, from pharmacist to patient, through a wide range of programs to deliver the best outcomes through programs that address specific challenges facing you and your members.

“At VativoRx we don’t focus on competitors. “We stick to our core beliefs, mission statement and remain innovative. The industry has several outdated concepts we push the envelope on to provide the best quality services and products to the companies we partner with,” says Rosalyn. “VRX Connect, our proprietary software, gives us an edge in the market and has allowed us to identify a niche, providing services our competitors are not.” Technology and clinical expertise have allowed VativoRx to create a unique program to help clients manage pharmacy costs. “We’ve made a huge impact both financially and clinically. The amount of transparency we’re able to provide to our clients is unmatched,” says the steadfast leader. “Again, we have a detailed implementation program that include, clinical experts, clinical pharmacist, and industry experts that create a program that’s bar none.” Another thing that makes VativoRx so influential is that they have created their proprietary software, building a crosswalk between the hospital, physician offices, and VativoRx, allowing them to incorporate all prescription medications outside the traditional dispensing venues to be included in the overall PBM program. VativoRx’s goal is to expand its offerings to clients throughout the United States and become one of the top PBM providers.

VativoRx was founded in 2016, the senior management leaders combined have over 100+ years of experience in Pharmacy operations and pharmacy benefits management. Within five years of inception, VativoRx is at the forefront of the industry. The company has been highlighted in features such as The CXO Fortune’s “10 Most Influential Companies of the Year 2020, The CEO Views “50 Best Companies to Watch in 2020, and Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine “Top Pharmacy Management Solution Providers 2020”.

According to Rosalyn, “to be a successful leader in any industry, an individual needs to manage both their head and heart.” VativoRx strives to stay ahead of the industry by being innovative, creative, and thinking outside the box. “We have a strong philosophy of building a team that includes a diverse group of leaders, experts and innovative thinkers,” she adds. “The VativoRx team is not only dedicated to the successful enhancement of our own organization but strive every day to make the clients organizations flourish as well.”